Fall Registration

Falcons Fall League - BOYS Registration
  1. When: Sunday Mornings, September 21st - October 26th
  2. Where: Pennsbury High School 705 Hood Blvd Fariless Hills, PA
  3. Fees: $75 until September 15; $85 after September 15
  4. Note: Multiple payment options will be presented at the end of this registration
Player Information
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High School Players Only
Medical Insurance Information
Parental Contact Information
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Code of Conduct (Players and Parents)
  1. Pennsbury Lacrosse Fall Fun League follows the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct
  3. I have read and agree with the US Lacrosse Code of Conduct
  1. I, as the aforementioned parent/guardian, do hereby grant permission for the player named above (hereinafter PLAYER) to attend the Falcon Fall Lacrosse League.
  2. In order that the PLAYER may receive the proper medical treatment in the event that he may sustain injury or illness during this lacrosse activity, I hereby authorize the league staff to obtain or provide medical treatment for the PLAYER. I agree to consider league representatives harmless in the exercise of this authority.
  3. I further understand that there is always a possibility that the PLAYER may sustain physical injury while participating in lacrosse activities. If this occurs, I hereby authorize league representatives to refer the PLAYER to a medical treatment center (hospital, etc).
  4. I further acknowledge and understand that I will be responsible for any medical bills that may be incurred on behalf of the PLAYER for any such injury that he may sustain during Fall Fun League activities. I further release the league, its representatives, and league representatives from any claims for personal illness or injury that the PLAYER may sustain.

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Cost is $75.00 per player and the dates are:

9/21, 9/28, 10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 10/26,  11/2 (11/2 as a rain date if needed)

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